Oshawa Bearing

Service and Repair

Engineering Capabilities

At Oshawa Bearings we have the expertise to help with your equipment design or re-build. Specializing in gearbox/motor selection and belt drive design we can work with you to get your equipment working the way you want it to.

Through our suppliers we can offer assistance on various other engineering and design requirements.

Motor, VFD and Gearbox Repair

Sometimes items become obsolete with no drop in replacements available. Other times replacements have long lead times or are just too expensive. For circumstances like this Oshawa Bearings, through are partnerships, offer repair services on your most important items. Specializing in motors, VFD’s and gearboxes trust us to get your parts repaired and running like new!

Millwright Services

Do you have an equipment installation you need completed? Do you have a line down costing you valuable production time? Through our partnerships, Oshawa Bearings offers millwright services to help get you equipment repaired or installed.